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Fashion fades, but style remains golden - FAQ

Carla, 17. Dominican Republic. I don't own these posts, unless stated so.
I track the tag "goldentaste"

Hey! My name is Carla, I live in the Dominican Republic.. A gorgeous island in the Caribbean. Visit sometime? Hahaha. I’m pretty much friendly, so if you want someone to talk to, I’m always more than happy to help. As well, if you need any favors, I’ll gladly give you a hand if I can. 

Narnia theme code? Nope, I don’t give out codes.

Follow me back? I’m sorry, I don’t follow back on request. It’s damn rude.

Check out my blog? Without a doubt!

Vote for me? Of course, submit the link!

Who made my banner? HEEEER

Blogs like mine? Click the ‘Golden List’ link at the top of my blog, all those blogs are worth a follow. Check the underrated blogs too, they’re wonderful.  

How many followers? I don’t tell. I prefer not to. 

Double promo? Sure, anytime. 

CURIOUS? Feel free toASK if you want to know more, don’t be rude hahaha.